4 tips to choose a good waistcoat

There are basic elements in our wardrobe that are an investment that goes beyond the aesthetic part. Beyond the aesthetic part of the looks, the purchase of men waistcoat should be a very well thought out decision, especially if you live somewhere where it is very cold or if you travel often to places where you have to use it every day. So that your next choice of waistcoat is a good investment we leave you the following tips:

  1. Basic colors

Find a waistcoat that you can get a lot of game. Choose one that you can combine with your closet, the choice of color will depend a lot on your personality, there are men who can combine much more a purple waistcoat or a mustard than a black or a red one, but the important thing is that the one you choose has combination with more than 80% of your wardrobe.

  1. Materials

Invest in a good quality waistcoat that will last you for many years. The best fabrics for waistcoats are cashmere, wool and natural fibers. With these materials you will ensure that your waistcoat does not lose its shape, be warm and last a long time.

  1. Check the seams

The quality of a waistcoat can be seen on the fabric and on the rivets. Check well the seams that join the pieces of the waistcoat, must be well sewn and should not notice bulges or dimples. Also check how the buttons and the material they are made of are attached (the details make the difference) as well as the quality of the hem.

  1. The correct size

Whenever you go to measure your waistcoats, remember to take a piece of clothing with which you intend to use it, for example, a formal shirt. If you do not have over the shirt the waistcoat is not the size you need it.

The waistcoat should stay half-palm and should be almost 1 cm on each side of the back if you do not wear sweaters.

Take the opportunity to choose a waistcoat that will help you to stylize your figure. If you are very short you can buy one with vertical stripes or look for one crossed if you want to accentuate your waist.

Remember that a waistcoat is a basic piece in which we can invest a little more so that it lasts for many years and we can use it for many winters.